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How/Why ThankYou Hub

ThankYou Hub: Favors. Gratitude Points. Smiles.

Members send Thank-You notes, with attached Gratitude Points (GPs) equivalent to US dollars

Favors. Gratitude Points. Smiles.

GP = Gratitude Point, the Electronic Currency on the site = $0.25 US*

ThankYou Hub Account

Every GP transaction auto-creates an entry in members' JournalGratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal Example Picture

Members can help each other and be grateful for the help

  1. Post a new Request
  2. Alice posts a New Request for Help
  3. Others respond with offers to help
  4. Beth, Chuck, and Dave offer help by responding to Alice
  5. Choose someone, get help
  6. Alice chooses Dave to help her
  7. Complete Request, give GPs; automatic Gratitude Journal entry is created
  8. Alice says Thanks to Dave, and gives him Gratitude Points

It's Social: Every Member has a trusted CircleCircle of friends

Circle Benefits:

  1. Activity in your Circle may give you ideas for posting tasks
  2. More trust in someone closer to our circle

* Purchase Value; Redeem value may be less; see Terms of Service for more;

Why use ThankYou Hub?

We believe that a regular use of ThankYou Hub can bring us the following benefits.

  1. Increase the feeling of gratitude in our life, and thus bring more in our life
  2. Save money and time on getting day-to-day as well as specialized tasks completed.
  3. Make new friends, and be more social overall

The Motivation for ThankYou Hub

A video with one of our founders

What are Gratitude Points (GPs)?

Gratitude Points (GPs) are an online currency with which one can say, Thank you. GPs can be bought and redeemed for real money in US dollars.

To purchase GPs: 1$ = 4 GPs

The redeemable value of GPs is a bit less than the purchase value in order to discourage redemption and promote exchange of GPs among members as they seek and provide more and more help from/to each other.

To redeem GPs: 1$ = 5 GPs

See How/Why ThankYou Hub for more information about all that may be done with GPs on this site.

What can you do with GPs on ThankYouHub.Com?

  • Buy
  • Give to others as a token of Gratitude
    • for help received on specific tasks
    • for emotional help, or any other reason, or no reason at all
  • Receive from others as above
  • Redeem for cash

Why GPs with monetary value?

Giving GPs a monetary value expresses how grateful we are for help and friendship. When we give GPs, we are giving away something worthwhile to us. Giving GPs quantifies how much worth and value is put on a gratitude transaction. The more the worth, the more the GPs given.

Why not just pay cash for the help received?

Hiring a professional to help with a project can often be expensive, and paying in cash for non-professional help from friends and neighbors can seem cold and unappreciative. ThankYouHub.Com is about helping each other, not making money. So while we exchange GPs and keep accounts of projects, GPs should only be viewed as an intermediate currency, used mostly to pay it forward. Sometimes people need help with fairly menial tasks. This is why the GP currency is so beneficial. They can ask for help from friends and neighbors who are good at particular hobbies say sewing hems or painting furniture and can thank them without emptying their wallet. It also enables us to use your hobbies and areas of interest to help others in the community. The more we help in the community and the feeling of gratitude prevails, the better we become!

How do I get GPs in my account?

There are 2 ways we can get GPs in our account:

  1. Buy GPs: This is one of the ways to initially get GPs in our account. Every GP in the system has been bought by someone sometime.
  2. Receive GPs: This is the preferred way to EARN GPs. When we help someone, they give us GPs to thank us. The more valuable the help was perceived by them, the more GPs they give us. Also, the more we help our friends and fellow citizens, the more GPs we receive. GPs may be received for
    1. Help on specific tasks
    2. Emotional help, other reasons, or for no specific reason

To buy or redeem GPs click here

To give GPs click here

How do I receive cash for GPs in my account?

Once a member redeems GPs from their account, the cash equivalent of the redeemed GPs is sent to them through Paypal ( to the email address used by them to login to their account on ThankYouHub.Com.

Redeem GPs.

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