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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Website Functions
Signup, Login, Profile, and Membership
Member Circle and their social network
Requests, Tasks, Getting Help, Helping out
Gratitude Journal, Giving Thanks, and Gratitude Certificates
Giving, Receiving, Buying, and Redeeming Gratitude Points
Legal and Accounting


General Website Functions
1. Why should I use
The team believes that a regular use of can help us:
  • Increase the feeling of gratitude in our life, and thus bring more in our life
  • Save money and time on getting a lot of day-to-day as well as specialized tasks done.
  • Make lots of friends and be more social
Read more on Why
2. What can I do at
  • Request help from friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens on simple day-to-day things or special skills projects.
  • Help our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens with our special skills, or in our hobby areas of interest, or simple day-to-day things we anyway do.
  • Thank our friends for the help received, or for other reasons with valuable (money-worthy) Gratitude Points.
  • Buy or Redeem Gratitude Points in our accounts for cash
  • Create Gratitude Certificates, invite friends, subscribe to interested areas, and many more...
Read more about How Works.
3. Is the information under the "GP Account" tab really any different than under the "Gratitude Journal" Tab?
GP account and Gratitude Journal actually provide similar information in different views. The "GP Account" shows all the gratitude points added or subtracted to your account. This is shown on a table format. The "Gratitude Journal" shows your transactions. The emphasis on the "Gratitude Journal" is to keep a record of who you have interacted with. A way of journaling your gratitude.
4. How do you ensure safety in transactions between members?
Gratitude Point provides safety in transactions at the same level as most community websites. We facilitate the interactions between members, but are not responsible for the actions of our members and users. User should ensure their own safety when dealing with other users. The website provides a rating system and feedback system for members, and also provides mechanisms like Circle that can be used to restrict who can view your Requests and transactions. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.
5. How do we buy Gratitude Points?
Just like all web purchases. Simply click the "Buy" button on the Buy/Redeem forms on the website, and you can buy using credit cards or Paypal. Remember, you can instantly redeem your points for cash too.
6. Can we send messages to other members on the website?
You can send Thank you notes to any member or anyone with an email via the "Give Thanks" form on most pages. This can be used for messages, or the feedback area in your gratitude transactions can also be used. We are also working on creating a full fledged private messaging system between members. Thanks!
7. Do you allow guest posts on your Blog? What is the process to do that?
Yes, we routinely do posts on our blog by guest authors. Please email us at with your inquiry. Thanks!
8. How do I change the privacy and email settings of my account?

To change your email settings / preferences , click the link in the bottom of the emails you receive from Gratitude Point.

You can also change the privacy of your Help Requests, or your Gratitude transactions / Thank you notes by simply visiting the specific Requests or transactions, and clicking on the edit or visibility links.

Signup, Login, Profile, and Membership
1. What is the meaning of "verified status" in my private profile? How do I become verified?
A "verified status" implies that you have purchased Gratitude Points (GPs) at least once from your account. For authentication purposes, and to prevent fraud, robot account, we do not allow members to redeem GPs for cash unless they are "verified". To become verified, simply purchase Gratitude Points once. You can immediately redeem them if you qualify with the minimum GP redemption requirements. To read more, please check out our terms of service. To become verified now, you can buy GPs here.
2. How do we temporarily disable, suspend, or deactivate our account?
Simply contact us through the contact form on the website, or email us at , and we will help you deactivate/suspend/disable your account. You can also enable your account again by contacting support.
Member Circle and their social network
1. Can I remove a person from my circle?
Yes. After you are signed in go to the "My GP" tab, then click on "circle". In here you will see all the people on your circle. Click on the [X]Remove and that will remove that member from your circle.
2. What is the benefit of my circle?
Your circle keeps you close to the people you know. Whether they are close friends, or people you received help from a request in Gratitude Point. It is a way to build your own close community of grateful people.
3. What is a circle? How do I use it? What are its benefits?
Circle is your 'trusted circle' of friends - members on the website who you trust and know personally. It is used to restrict the visibility of your 'Requests' for help to only people you know. You do this by restricting the visibility of a Request to your circle. Benefits include convenience of not dealing with strangers on specific tasks, and more privacy by limiting viewership of your activity on the website.
4. Why can't we remove Gratitude Point admin from our circle?
Because we want to be everyone's friend. :-) Actually, some of the functions of the website, especially promotions where we may give you cash-worthy Gratitude Points, rely on us being in your circle. So we have disabled the remove from circle functionality for GratitudePoint admin. Stay assured that your information is always safe. Check out our Privacy Policy for more.
Requests, Tasks, Getting Help, Helping out
1. I am not good at anything special, how can I use to help others?
We can also use to help others in day-to-day activities such as a ride to the airport, or helping someone move a heavy object, or help pick groceries for a neighbor.
2. Why would I help or receive help from people I do not know?
Glad that you asked. Mainly because it will be nice to receive help from strangers besides of course friends. So we would help strangers just for the reciprocity. Our friends may not always be available or in the best situation to help. We may enjoy doing something such as fix computers, and it'd be fun and worth GPs to help a stranger with the task we like doing.
3. How can I trust strangers to help me?
Great question. Yes, we should not trust just anyone without taking common sense precaution. The feedback available about users on is a valuable first resource to check whether someone is trustworthy or not. Also, on small things done in a public environment, the need for background check is less.
4. If I need cheap help, or if I am willing to help I can post classifieds on Craigslist etc. Why should I use
Another great question! allows us to keep track of all the help that we requested and received, and all the help that we provided to others. We can also manage our gratitude points, and a history is maintained on the site. is about gratitude, and it is a diary of our gratitude activities. Wise men have said that gratitude is definitely the best way to bring more in life.
5. How do I post a request for help?
A 'Request' is an online post requesting help on any task from the community. To post a request, click on the 'Requests' menu and then click on the 'post a request' sub-menu. The form available at the link is self explanatory. Tags are key words that when searched would show the posted request. Users should make sure to choose the subject line that is relevant to the post, as a search of any words contained in the subject would list the post in the results. Note that a post is visible to all who visit unless it is specifically selected to be visible only to your friend circle, or friends of friends circle. 'post a request' link
6. How does the response to requests work?
Once a user reaches the page that shows the details of a posted Request, the page has intuitive links and forms to submit a response. A response should be a short statement about the willingness of the responder to help the poster in the job for which help was requested. A responder can provide his/her contact details and any relevant reason why he/she is able and willing to help. Note that a response is only visible to the original poster and the responder, and not to other responders or general public. view current requests
7. Complete Request: What is it? How does it work?
'Complete Request' is a way of closing/archiving a posted request after help has been received, and the job has been completed to the satisfaction (whatever degree that the poster chooses) of the requestor/poster. The complete process involves associating a helping person/persons, to the request, and thanking them by giving them gratitude points (GPs). The number of GPs given to the person/s can be any number and should be propostional to the gratitude felt by the poster/requestor. It looks nice to give more than the offered GPs in the initial post though. Note that in complete request, the help received is from one of the responders to the post, and thus the process associates a user by choosing from the responders. View current requests
8. Complete Request with other: What is it? How does it work?
'Complete Request with other' is similar to 'Complete request' (see above) except that the person who helped the poster, and chosen to be associated with the request is not one of the responders to the post. Infact the person can be any other member or even a non-member of In case the person is not a member, an email request is sent to the person to become a member of, and the GPs given to the person are subsequently tranfered to their accounts, as soon as they become members. View current requests
9. Suspend/Unsuspend Request: What is it? How does it work?
'Suspend Request' and 'Un-suspend Request' are used respectively to make a request invisible to the community and then make it visible again to the community. Suspension may be used for any reason to prevent any views and responses to the request for a certain period of time. View current requests
10. Cancel Request: What is it? How does it work?
'Cancel Request' is the process of aborting and archiving a Request without 'completing' it. This may be used if the poster decides that he/she does not need or want the help anymore and also does not intend to give GPs to anyone for the post. Once cancelled, a Request is archived permanently and cannot be re-instated. For temporary suspension, use the 'Suspend Request' option. View current requests
11. What is a "Complete Request with Selected User" or "Complete Request with non responder"?
Sometimes those who help you on a task have not responded to your Request on the website. You can still, however, complete a Request with them - simply by choosing them in the "complete with selected user" form. They may or may not be members of Gratitude Point. You can simply enter an email address of a non-member, and we'll store their Gratitude Points and your Thank You note until they become members.
12. Why would we want to "Duplicate a Request"?
Sometimes, you may want to complete a Request with multiple members. More than one person may have helped you on the task. Or the task may be such that you need help on it on an ongoing basis. In order to save the time and effort of creating a new and similar Request to be able to give thanks to multiple people, we allow a 1-step quick duplication of a Request. All kinds of Request, including those that are complete/archived/cancelled/suspended can be duplicated.
Gratitude Journal, Giving Thanks, and Gratitude Certificates
1. What is "Give Thanks"?
"Give Thanks" is a quick way to journal your gratitude for someone and give them cash-worthy GPs on the GratitudePoint.Com website. On the "Give Thanks" form, you can write down why you are saying 'thank you' to them in the format of a micro-blog. See some examples. The form also allows you to express thanks for a specific task (just as in a Request) that you received help on. All instances of "Give Thanks" transactions, whether you are the GIVER or RECEIVER of the gratitude, are available and viewable on your gratitude journal page Give Thanks Now
2. Why should I "Give Thanks"?
Everytime you "Give Thanks", the entry goes to your PERMANENT Gratitude Journal called the Gratitude Journal. Gratitude Journals are scientifically proven to increase the well being, and bring more in our lives. Also, giving and receiving Gratitude and Gratitude Points makes us feel special, worthy, and happy. Since Gratitude Points are worth cash, all gratitude transactions are VALUABLE. give thanks now
3. Can I "Give Thanks" to someone who is not a member?
Yes, you can use the "Give Thanks" form to send Gratitude Points and to thank your friends and acquaintances who are not Gratitude Point members. You have to use a valid email address of the recipient. The Gratitude Points that you give to non-members are stored safe for them in an INACTIVE ACCOUNT until they become members. (A limit period not shorter than 6 months may be implemented by GratitudePoint.Com for this). Give Thanks Now
4. What is a Gratitude Certificate?
A "Gratitude Certificate" is a special format of "Give Thanks" in that you can express your gratitude and give GPs to people you are extraordinarily grateful for. The entry is displayed in the format of a Certificate, and is printable by the recipient and the creator. See some Gratitude Certificate examples. Send Gratitude Certificate Now
5. How do I get or give a Gratitude Certificate?
You can send a Gratitude Certificate using the link below. If someone sends you a Gratitude Certificate, you will receive it on the same page. Send Gratitude Certificate Now
6. Why would I give a Gratitude Certificate to anyone?
A Gratitude Certificate is a major token of appreciation for someone who has been extremely important in your life - a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a spouse. Putting your gratitude in the form of a certificate makes it extremely special. Recipients of Certificates will be overwhelmed with emotion, and it will strengthen the bond between the giver and a receiver like nothing else. Send Gratitude Certificate Now
7. Do you need to have 100 points to use the certificate feature, or can you only send 100 points at a time?
You need at least 100 gratitude points to give a certificate. But, you can give any amount of gratitude points you like above that amount.
8. What is a Gratitude Journal?
A "Gratitude Journal" shows your transactions. It shows who has thanked you and who have you thanked, along with what you said in your thank-you note. In essence, it tracks your gratitude.
9. What is a gratitude transaction?
A gratitude transaction happens when you thank someone. For example, if a friend thanks you, that will show under gratitude transaction. All "Gratitude Transactions" are entries in your "Gratitude Journal".
10. What is the Grateful World account, also mentioned as Pay It Forward / No Specific Person account?
'Grateful World' is a Pay-It-Forward account at GratitudePoint.Com in the sense that it gives away all its available balance of Gratitude Points (GPs) to valid members of the website once everyday. Our algorithm makes sure that the GPs are distributed to all valid members of GratitudePoint.Com as randomly and as evenly as possible. This is also the account that gets the GPs given when a member wants to say thanks to no specific member/person, but may be to something more abstract. Giving thanks to God, Mother Nature, Universe, pet, and other animate and inanimate objects can be achieved by giving thanks to this Pay-It-Forward account. So to summarize, this account gets GPs when members give thanks to someone or something that cannot become a member of GratitudePoint.Com. All such GPs received are paid forward randomly and evenly to all valid members of GratitudePoint.Com.
Giving, Receiving, Buying, and Redeeming Gratitude Points
1. What is the deal with these gratitude points?
Gratitude Points (GPs) are an online currency with which one can say 'Thank you'. Gratitude points are worth money, and the always-constant conversion ratio is 1 dollar = 4 GPs At, we can say thank you for help received by gifting GPs besides the usual verbal "Thank you". Read more about Gratitude Points.
2. If is about gratitude, why are gratitude points worth money?
Gratitude Points are worth money because we'd like to give something worthwhile as a gift with thanks for the help received. It also helps to quantify how much worth a help on a task has been for a person. Read more about Gratitude Points.
3. Why have gratitude points if you can use dollars directly? Gratitude points are worth money. I can pay money directly and get help. Why should I use
Paying money for help received is like receiving help from a professional. And also, we are receiving help from a kind fellow citizen or a friend, and they are not helping looking to make money. However, by exchanging GPs, we keep accounts of help we receive and give. The idea is to help each other so that we never just keep accumulating or just keep giving away too many GPs. GPs are just an intermediate currency since a lot of times we cannot help our helping friend/citizen back right away. Sometimes, we may not be able to help them for a long time. In the intermediate, we can pass it forward. That is help others. GPs are a great intermediate currency to keep track of our gratitude and helping activities. The GP currency also enables us to help people in specific areas that we enjoy helping others. For e.g. our expertise or our hobby areas of interest. Sometimes these areas are not the areas where people who help us need help. So through an intermediate GP currency, we can help someone totally different in a totally different area. The more we help in the community, the more the feeling of gratitude prevails, the better we become! Read more about Gratitude Points.
4. If I am a professional, why would I lend my expertise for less gratitude points than worth my professional charge?
In short, just to be altruistic. However, it may also help you get some word of mouth publicity.
5. How long does it take to get my money from redeemed points?
Money for redeemed points is sent to you by Paypal within 24 to 48 hours. The paypal transfer of money is instantaneous to your Paypal account. However, transferring that money from your Paypal account to a bank account depends on Paypal and your account's status with them. Even if you do not have a Paypal account, Paypal stores your money in an account identified by your email address. To summarize, transfer of money from Gratitude Point to your Paypal account should happen within 24 to 48 hours. Further transfers depend on you and Paypal.
6. What's the minimum amount of GPs I can redeem?
The minimum amount of points you can redeem are 20 points.
7. Is there a limit on the number of times I can redeem gratitude points?
No, you can redeem gratitude points as many times as you like. However, you must redeem at least 20 gratitude points each time.
8. What happens to the Gratitude Points given to the Grateful World / Pay It Forward account?
All Gratitude Points (GPs) received by the 'Grateful World' account are given away once everyday. They are given to all members of the website as evenly and as randomly as possible. Thus they are paid forward.
Legal and Accounting
1. Where can I find Terms and Conditions of using the website?
Please check the following URL for terms and conditions for using the website:

Gratitude Point Terms of Service

The privacy policy is available at:

Gratitude Point Privacy Policy

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