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About ThankYouHub.Com

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About Us

ThankYou Hub (ThankYouHub.Com) is an online social utility that enables users to track, share, and grow the gratitude that they experience in life.

Members can give each other cash-worthy gratitude points and journal such instants to express thanks for anything, be it advice, emotional support, or tangible tasks. Members have anytime access to this journal. Such "counting their blessings" means members can be more content and happy.

Members can grow the gratitude they experience by seeking help on any task (Request). Others can offer to help. Once the help is received (even in-person), the requestor can close the Request and give ANY number of gratitude points to the helper.

Gratitude points are worth cash, and can be redeemed as well as bought (besides being given/received as thanks). While the gratitude points received for helping out are worth some cash, the helping happening through the site is mainly for goodwill. The more we help each other, the more goodwill in the society.

Overall, at ThankYou Hub, we help each other, and track, share, and grow our gratitude.

Our Mission Statement

There is a lot of gratitude and goodwill in the world. There is also a potential for even more of these feelings to be created. ThankYouHub.Com is a company devoted to promoting Gratitude and Goodwill by enabling members to focus more on these feelings, and by enabling them more opportunities to create them. Our mission is to make Gratitude and helping each other more exciting, easier, and more cool. As a company, we thrive on the passion of our team. Our mission is to operate with utmost integrity, and to have fun doing it.

Our Vision Statement

To become:

  1. The foremost online entity in people's minds when they think of anything about gratitude
  2. THE go to place for people seeking help on any task, or looking to get things done for less
  3. A daily haunt for people as it is exciting for them to see who they can help out in their areas of interest
  4. To become the GO TO place for online advertisements for local services' businesses
  5. A hub for businesses/non-profits to advertise and connect with potential customers with a new-age, positive psychology, self improvement bent of mind


Shantanu Kangude, President and CEO

Harshal Chhaya, Vice-President and CTO


  1. Shantanu Kangude, Dallas, TX
  2. Harshal S. Chhaya, Plano, TX
  3. Sarat Krishnan, Austin, TX
  4. Amit Agrawal, Austin, TX
  5. Annette Brunken, Plano, TX
  6. Beatriz Meza, Irving, TX
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