ThankYou Hub

Send Gratitude Rewards & Help Each Other With Tasks

Send Rewards with Thank-Yous & Help Each Other with Tasks!

Send thank-you notes with cash-worthy gratitude points, help each other with tasks, and have automatic Gratitude Journals

ThankYou Hub: Favors. Gratitude Points. Smiles.

Help, or Thank with Gratitude Points (GPs)

Gratitude Point (GP) = Online currency worth US Dollars

Give Gratitude Points and say Thank You

Automatic Gratitude Journal of All Transactions

GP Account = Favor Bank Account

Request help on tasks

Receive help offers from ThankYou Hub community

Choose someone to help you with your task

Complete the task and thank with GPs as a reward

It's Social: Who's in your Friend Circle?

Give GPs, Log Gratitude, Buy/Redeem GPs for cash, and get help on tasks while connecting with people

  • Write social Thank-You notes, have automatic Gratitude Journals
  • Optionally attach money with Thank-Yous as Gratitude Points
  • Help each other with tasks and be grateful