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Stylish Man

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If you go through your closet, you would be surprised that there are so many clothes or accessories that you do not wear at all. They were bought for different reasons: favorite colors, preferred designers, good price, impulse, etc. But sometime it doesn't look as good as you imagined, and you rarely wear them. What should we do with them?

Let's make something awesome out of them!

I have a lot of scarves and sterling silver jewelry that I never use. I got them at super good price since I have a fashion business La Vie. The scarves are made of cashmere or silk, and are in adorable colors.

Stylish Man

Image via Flickr by andrewrennie

Here's a condensed version of the best style tips I've found for us men.

Wear clothes that fit

Wearing bad fitting clothes is the biggest mistake men make when it comes to clothes. If you want to make just 1 change, this is it. A good fit improves your look by orders of magnitude. Express, Guess, Diesel, and various other Italian brands are known for their good fitting clothes for slimmer guys.


  • They should not be too loose, especially at the waist. Look for fitted shirts that taper along the waist to fit better..
  • Shoulders, and collar, if any, should be the right width/size
  • Long sleeves should not reach any lower than the base of the thumb with the hands down.

If you're like me, you have many interests that could develop into full blown hobbies - sports, dancing, traveling, cooking, you name it. Given the limited amount of time we have available, here's a simple way to choose the best hobby/ies for our happiness.

1. List the Hobbies that prove the most enticing to you

Shortlist at most 10 feasible (financially and schedule-wise) activities from this list of most popular hobbies, or simply make a list of activities that are most appealing to you. For me, the list included dancing, hiking, travel, tennis, running/walking, musical instrument, listening to music etc.

365 Days of Two Sisters 21 September 2008

Image via Flickr by Pink Sherbet Photography

"Life is too short to be little." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Feeling stuck in a rut is more common than you think. I can assure you that almost everyone at some point in their life has fallen into a low motivation and low energy rut. Following these tips will help you get back on track and feel better about your existence on Earth.

Acknowledge it

Avoiding the negative feelings will not make them go away. Admit these feelings to yourself first, then talk about it with someone you trust to relieve the pressure that comes with holding toxic feelings inside.

Get a Change of Scenery

Changing your daily routine will force your brain to generate new thoughts that guide you to feel differently. Altering your daily routine can be as simple as traveling a new route, trying a new drink at your favorite coffee shop or playing your new favorite song. Change it up, you'll feel better.

Happy Girl

Image via Flickr by Linh.ngan

A friend of mine mentioned 4 types of daily activities that he found were necessary to be happy. While human happiness is a well researched, and a somewhat complex issue, I agree these 4 types of activities on a regular basis are essential for happiness.

Work or a Project with Goals, Possibly With a Team

This is usually our job, or possibly a volunteer project. It is a given that humans need to have goals and projects where we create or do something valuable. This project could either be a solo or team project. Of course, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound) objectives are able to improve the project's results.

Action item: Review your projects and goals, and make time for them on a regular basis.

Sometimes, we can discover inspiration in the most uncomplicated manner. For instance, my lamp shades were broken and my bedroom walls were barren. Motivated by the necessity to cover my walls, I decided to create 3-dimensional wall art out of these broken shades to beautify my bedroom. The following are the simple steps I took to achieve this unique bedroom decoration. You will need three thumbtacks, three lamp shades and three scarves.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St.Augustine

Traveling can be one of the greatest joys in life. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude by being eco-conscious will only make the experience that much better. When making travel decisions think about conserving natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint. Although not all travel companies are committed to the ideas of sustainable travel, it is still possible to travel responsibly.

Choose to Walk instead of Drive

Try to explore your destination on foot by using a map. Some websites like National Geographic Traveler offer printable walking tour maps with detailed descriptions of most major cities. Also, use collective transport whenever possible to lessen your carbon footprint.

Studies have determined that civilizations that live on a variety of high fiber, plant-based foods maintain a higher population of friendly bacteria in their lower digestive tract and an overall more robust immune system. So when cold and allergy season strikes, instead of reaching for anti-biotics, try reaching in the fridge for foods that naturally defend the body against microbes and sneezes. In my previous article, I discussed the benefits of these healthy and natural probiotics foods. And, it's actually quite easy to prepare your own probiotics! The following are recipes to prepare your own yogurt, kefir, and papaya chutney.


Heat 2 quarts of organic milk (whole or 2% work best) to 180 degrees. Allow to cool to 110 degrees. Whisk in ¼ cup of plain yogurt or Yogurt Starter. Cover and wrap in a thick towel to keep insulated and store in a warm place for 4-6 hours. Refrigerate. Enjoy fresh yogurt for a fraction of the cost of the store-bought variety! Some natural separation of the whey will occur when you spoon out the yogurt. Save the whey for other lacto-fermented recipes or stir it back in.

The overuse of antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps & sanitizers are forcing the bacteria community to adapt and mutate for survival. We battle these pesky guys with germ-killing products and drugs when our biggest defense should be the oldest and tastiest solution of all - Probiotics! The typical Western diet is high in fats, meats and sugars that reduce the number of healthy bacteria strains in the gut, making us more susceptible to immune-related illnesses.

Traits of Foods with Beneficial Bacteria

  • create a strong eco-system in the digestive tract, giving the immune system a boost
  • foster an efficient digestive system that breaks down the food we bring in
  • build up the nutrients in the digestive system we need to be healthy
  • keep out harmful bacteria and viruses within a properly functioning digestive system

When I first started juicing, I was fortunate enough to have a good friend walk me through almost the entire process. Without her help, I doubt I would have had such a successful time juicing. The following tips are some that I feel would be beneficial to others and that are worth sharing. They should serve to make your juicing experience easier and more enjoyable.

What to Juice

  • choose organic produce because it minimizes exposure to pesticides
  • change up veggie and fruit combinations to increase diversity of nutrients
  • fruits have a great deal of sugar so if you are juicing for weight loss stick with vegetables

I find juicing to be a fantastic way to revitalize my day as well as my diet. It is one of the easiest ways to extract the most vitamins, minerals and enzymes from vegetables. And, juicing is a simple way to get in your USDA daily vegetable and fruit servings requirements. Plus, you get to choose what combinations of fruits and vegetables you want to juice;thus, gaining an opportunity for creativity and independence in your nutrition.

Concentrated Nutrition and Detoxification

Juicing allows you to absorb the most nutrients from vegetables and fruits because very little digestion is needed. Although eating vegetables and fruits is also very healthy, many of the nutrients can be lost in the fiber as it is eliminated from the body. Bypassing the fiber and pulp, juicing provides your digestive system with a rest while allowing you to absorb all the nutrients directly into your body. You are able to consume nutrients and vitamins from more veggies and fruits than you would ever be able to eat in one seating. Another great thing about juicing is that it promotes liver detoxification. A healthy liver means a healthy you.

One of my great passions in life is reading. I have bookcases filled with paperbacks and hardcovers, a closet full of comic books, and a shelf on the verge of collapsing full of manga. The enjoyment of stories is nothing new. Our ancestors sat around fires and recounted the history of our people and passed down tales to future generations. Book clubs help preserve this oral tradition. And, they serve in facilitating a way for others to hold us accountable in our efforts to expand our reading repertoire, all the while basking in mutual enjoyment.

What better way is there to enhance our reading pleasure than by discoursing with others? Being able to discuss beloved novels and having exhilarating debates about whether or not Tom Bombadil had any purpose in The Lord of the Rings, or who R.A.B. is supposed to be, and whether or not Abraham Lincoln may have in fact been a vampire hunter is priceless!

Ever arrive at the point where you hit a wall with a person or a relationship with someone in your life? Sometimes, relationship disappointments, whether romantic or otherwise, can be palpable and painful. On the other hand, they can also take you on a path to greater self-realization and joy. By taking this circumstance as an opportunity to refine your network, optimize your time and energy, and harness your imagination, you can overcome relationship disappointment with aplomb.

Network with the Right People

The reason networking or hanging out with the right people is paramount is because it decreases the likelihood of having relationships that end in disappointment in the first place. After all, no one has the resources to know and be friends with everyone. By expanding your social network to include people who share your fundamental values, you will develop a greater propensity to make friends with people who will enrich your life.

Do you know what the number one drug in the world is? It's caffeine. Over 10 billion pounds of coffee is consumed annually by the world's population. There are some beneficial aspects of caffeine, but there are also severe consequences once you start consuming too much.

Having a little bit of coffee in the morning is actually a good thing--it regulates the bowels and helps you wake up. In low to moderate amounts ranging from 30-200 mg/day, caffeine does improve performance and vigilance. However, when you start adding on the second or third cup of coffee, two Dr. Peppers, and the Snicker's candy bar, you've got a problem. Excessive caffeine affects your blood pressure, stresses the kidneys, triggers migraines, and makes it difficult to calm down your system and get a good night's sleep.

Find yourself reaching for something sweet after dinner? Crave chocolate mid-afternoon, but don't want the guilt? Wanting a power bar without the price? Here are my top three favorite ways to satisfy my sweet tooth without compromising my health or waistline. All three recipes are free of processed sugars and packed with life-giving ingredients! Consider your quest for sweet treats that won't spoil your New Year's Resolutions at an end! Enjoy!

No-Bake Chocolate Macaroons

These babies will win you brownie points with your sweetheart! Their size makes them easy to grab one or two at a time for a quick fix.


  • 3 cups dried unsweetened coconut flakes
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • 1 cup raw honey or raw agave nectar
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbs. raw peanut butter (I prefer almond butter)
  • 1 tbs. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt

Mix coconut oil, honey, nut butter and vanilla well and mix into dry ingredients. (Warming the oil and nut butter slightly will help them incorporate better.) Using a spoon or small melon scoop, form balls. Store refrigerated in a flat glass container.

That Classic Song

Although works like Handel's "Messiah" and Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" are fraught with timeless majesty, your classic song doesn't necessarily need to be derived from classical music or it's classical period, for that matter. Your classic can simply be an old school song that maybe your parents listened to while you were growing up that takes you back to a place of innocence. For example, Stevie Wonder's "As", Elvis' "Blue Suede Shoes" or the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Or even the triumphant "Theme from Star Wars", here being conducted by composer extraordinaire John Willams, himself, for the Boston Pops:

Doesn't it still make you want to stand up and cheer?

The commercialization of the calendar has turned gift giving into an obligation. This becomes overwhelming. The holidays add an extra burden to at times an already tight budget. People buy gifts that they can't actually afford, and this worsens their financial situation.

But what exactly is a gift? Why do we give them? The earliest study made about gift exchange dates back to 1924 in Marcel Mauss' Essay on the Gift (L'Essai sur le don) . The essay explains how the exchange of objects builds relationships between people. In a more recent essay: The Evolution of Gift Giving , Jonathan Bruck mentions "gifts are a primary source of social exchange within a society and valuable for the formation and maintenance of bonds in our social networks."

In short, a gift should not be motivated simply by an occasion, because it then turns into an obligation. Your bond to the other person should motivate a gift; to demonstrate to them how special they are to you. When giving a gift, consider how that gift can carry a message of love and caring.

What did Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison have in common? They all kept journals. What would drive these men of power and distinction to engage in such an activity? Well, after all, even the uber-elite must make time for personal development if they wish to continue to grow.

Benefits of Journaling

Freedom of expression: Journaling grants you the opportunity to express yourself without judgment! In the privacy of your journal pages, you are able to let go and accept all your life experiences.

Conflict Resolution: By putting pen to paper, you give yourself time to calm down when a problem arises and resolve it with perspective. Have a fight with your partner or relative? Not satisfied with your current job? Write it down! First, acknowledge your feelings, and then develop a plan of action.

Achieving goals: Sometimes, you can subconsciously repeat patterns in your personal life that bring about repetitive negative results. By looking back through your journal, you can reflect on how to do things differently. Is something blocking you from achieving your goals? Look into your writing; you may find the answer.

In our society today, we have a growing problem of trouble with sleeping. Sleep is important--not just for beauty or resting our mind, but also for our general well being, and a healthy immune system. Although, Thomas Edison and Napoleon Bonaparte were documented short sleepers, and could function at a high capacity with less than six hours of sleep every night, a big majority of us are not.

Some reasons we need enough sleep

I was recently invited to a cocktail meet and greet for a state senator. When I arrived, I took a moment to observe the atmosphere and transition from my work day before engaging anyone. After a deep breath, I accepted a drink and a crab cake, coming into full presence.

The guests seemed to be well identified with their purpose for being there. I was not sure of mine, as I could not contribute with prestige or financial influence. I offer yoga and meditation to several of the attendees, including the event coordinator, and was looking forward to interacting with clients and professionals outside of the yoga studio. Soon, I was approached by a man who appeared to be involved with the Senator's campaign efforts. With an air of importance, he extended a strong handshake from his power-suited arm. He boldly and directly asked me, "Who are you? Who do you know?" I admired his no-nonsense approach and explained that my name was Jenny and that I was getting to know several of the guests there as I helped them with their yoga practice. A little confused, he simply nodded, turned and walked away!

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